Summer 2018

Group shot


Winston Hessler
Winston HesslerChemistry, Georgia State University
Mentor: Todd Sulchek
Research Poster Title: Development of a Non-Toxic Physical Control to
Varroa destructor mites in Honey Bee Colonies




Oliver HowingtonOliver Howington
Biology, University of North Georgia
Mentor: David Hu
Research Poster Title: Apis mellifera pollen collection and storage



Rogelio Ibarra Rivera
Rogelio Ibarra RiveraChemistry, Georgia State University
Mentor: Carson Meredith
Research Poster Title: Production of Homogenized Suspensions of Chitin Nano-Fibers




Camille Mosley
Camile MosleyEnvironmental Science, Emory University
Mentor: Emily Weigel
Research Poster Title: Determining Aquatic Biodiversity and Stream Health of the Proctor Creek Watershed
Using eDNA Technology and Citizen Science




Juanita PardoJuanita Pardo
Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mentor: Joseph Mendelson
Research Poster Title: Investigating the Quantitative and Numerical Discrimination Cognitive Abilities of Eastern Box Turtles




Jonathan PennieJonathan Pennie
Neuroscience, Georgia State University
Mentor: Joe Brown
Research Poster Title: Environmental Enteric Dysfunction and Concentration by Age and Gender




Ruby Rizvi‚ÄčRuby Rizvi
Microbiology, Georgia State University
Mentor: William Ratcliff
Research Poster Title: Examination of the effects of bioelectricity on the evolution 
of multicellularity in snowflake yeast





Bethany TerpinBethany Terpin
Environmental Science, Berry College
Mentor: John Pierson
Research Poster Title: Effects of oxalic acid on honey bee larval survival 




Derek WhalerDerek Whaler
Cell and Molecular Biology, Northeastern State University of Oklahoma
Mentor: Joe Brown
Research Poster Title: The Importance of Sanitation and Data Collection: The Maputo Sanitation Project viewed as an integral study for usage in the Global Goals given predicted climate change



Thank you to our program partners:

Aluma Farm
Global Growers
Love is Love
Blue Heron Nature Preserve
Stone Mountain Community Garden
Truly Living Well 


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Our service coordinator Elena Klonosk of Atlanta Food and Farm PBC

and our amazing service program assistant Haley Martin!