Summer 2016

Summer 2016 was the inaugural year of the Bee-INSPIRED summer program at GT.  Participants conducted research at Georgia Tech and worked with urban agriculture initiatives around metro Atlanta for 10 weeks.  We had a great summer!

group picture


Terri AlexanderTerri Alexander
Biology, UGA
Mentor: David Hu
Research Poster Title: Effect of Pollenkitt in honeybee grooming




Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnson
Biology, Savannah State
Mentor: Inga Schmidt-Krey
Research Poster Title: Structural Studies of LTC4S Protein




Michael NgahaneMichael Ngahane
Electrical Engineering, Jackson State (Mississippi)
Mentor: Tom Collins
Research Poster Title: High-speed sensing of bees




Dilani PatelDilani Patel
Biology, University of Alabama Birmingham
Mentor: Joe Mendleson
Research Poster Title: Dominance Among Captive Non-Breeding Female African Elephants (Loxodonta africana)




Deborah PostmaDeborah Postma
​Psychology, UGA
Mentor: Annalise Paaby
Research Poster Title: Identification of local Caenorhabditis species




Hannah Smith Hannah Smith
Biology, Middle Georgia State University/UGA
Mentor: Julia Kubanek
Research Poster Title: Antibiotic molecules in geographically distinct honeys




Valerie WashingtonValerie Washington
Industrial Engineering, Kennesaw
Mentor: Bistra Dilkina
Research Poster Title: Impact of Climate Change on Bee Habitats




Martine WilliamsMartine Williams
Biology, Spelman College
Mentor: Yuhong Fan
Research Poster Title: Investigation of Histone H3 Methylations of the Honeybee




Olivia WilliamsOlivia Williams
Civil Engineering, Kennesaw State
Mentor: Bistra Dilkina
Research Poster Title: Impact of Climate Change on Bee Habitats

Story map of climate change project


Thank you to our program partners:

Atlanta Community Food Bank Community Gardens Project
Emory Urban Health Initiative
Global Growers
Historic Westside Gardens
Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture

And our funding sponsor:

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And our amazing service program coordinator Brooke Vacovsky!

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