How to Help


Are you interested in volunteering with the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project? Volunteers help with outreach activities, maintaining our beehives and sometimes even conduct their own research projects! We welcome student, faculty and staff volunteers. Our volunteers must complete two mandatory one-hour classes: an orientation class and an introduction to beekeeping. After completing the courses, volunteers must attend three hive inspections either in person or online (if you are allergic to bees). Course dates will be listed on this website and announced in our newsletter. Click here to sign up!


The Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project hopes to enhance the undergraduate experience for Georgia Tech Science students by providing educational, research and service opportunities. If you would like to support these initiatives, please consider donating by sending a check to: Ms. Kristin Berthold, College of Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, 225 North Ave, Suite 201, Atlanta, Georgia, 30332-0365. Please make checks payable to the Georgia Tech Foundation and indicate that you wish to support the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project, account #310-00-0083. All gifts to Georgia Tech are tax-deductible. For a list of ongoing projects, please visit: