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The Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project is a unique interdisciplinary undergraduate research and education program focused on the impact of urban habitats on honey bees.  Our hives are located on the roof of the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons on the Georgia Tech campus in midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information or to get involved, email Jennifer Leavey, Integrated Science Curriculum Coordinator, Georgia Tech College of Sciences at jennifer.leavey@cos.gatech.edu .

The purpose of the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project is to:

To advance our understanding of how urbanization affects honeybees….

City planners and designers are increasingly incorporating sustainable food systems into urban architectural projects and developments, calling into question the suitability of these environments for food production. One factor affecting crop yield in urban gardens is the availability of animal pollinators. Bees function as pollinators for most food crops and are also exceptional model organisms for understanding complex biological systems.  Unfortunately, bee populations are threatened by pesticide use, habitat fragmentation, and disease.  A greater understanding of honeybees would be of great ecological, economic, and academic interest.

In keeping with the goals of the strategic plan of Georgia Tech…

The Urban Honeybee Project incorporates the spirit and goals of the Georgia Tech's strategic plan by providing for innovative instruction and course design using an interdisciplinary model system. The project is collaborative and expands on existing strong research and educational programs currently in place at Georgia Tech.

To enrich the student experience.

We hope that the Georgia Tech urban honey bee project will (1) increase student engagement and involvement in introductory science courses by demonstrating the economic and social relevance of research, (2) increase interaction between faculty and students of different academic units (3) increase interaction with a wide variety of community partners through outreach activities, and, of course, (4) increase school spirit by rallying the campus around relatives of our Yellow Jackets!


mgore8 03/03/2014 - 12:32 - 0 Comments

The GTBees presented for the middle school girls of the InGirls organization, associated with the Westside Communities Alliance, on February 21, 2014. The girls learned about our project, honey bee biology, urban beekeeping, and they got the...

mgore8 02/28/2014 - 10:47 - 0 Comments

The GTBees are going to be at the Atlanta Science Festival! We will be at the Exploration Expo! March 29th, but the Festival lasts all week. We will be talking about our project and playing a fun game that demonstrates the importance of genetic...

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Winter is a pretty quiet time for beekeepers. Here at Georgia Tech we've been crossing our fingers and waiting for spring. But what are the bees doing? GTUHBP student assistant, Miranda Gore, has written the following short piece about what...

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The GTBees had a great time at the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire, held October 26th, 2013 on Tech Green. It was the debut for our observation hive (pictured) that was built by volunteers Miranda Gore and Meredith Green in the GT Invention Studio ....